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Whisk and Reward: A paranormal culinary cozy mystery (The Great Witches Baking Show Book 9)

Murder, deceit and baking...It’s the big finale of the Great British Baking Contest. Who will win? Who will fall flatter than an eggless soufflé? And will amateur baker and witch Poppy survive to find out?

Dark forces are at work in the picture-perfect village of Broomewode in Somerset. Poppy’s in danger, but why? She’s getting closer to solving the mystery of her beginnings but so many questions remain. Will she finally meet her birth mother? Who was her father? Is the local coven helping or hindering her search? Will she and sexy Viscount Benedict finally have their first date?

There are old and new mysteries to solve in this final installment of the Great Witches Baking Show.

There’s no swearing, sex or gore, just good clean fun. And recipes! The Great Witches Baking Show series is "like one of those sweet English cakes, you have one bite, and then you are totally lost and addicted for life!" 5 star review.

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