The Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall - book 1
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Cover of Luck of the Iris by Nancy Warren
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Vampire Knitting Club series

Nancy's Vampire Knitting Club series is available in audiobook form, perfect for long drives
and hands-free listening.

Cover of Mosaics and Magic Audiobook by Nancy Warren

Mosaics and Magic: Vampire Knitting Club, Book 14 Audiobook

Beware the crystal ball . . . When Lucy and Rafe are given a crystal ball as a wedding present, she's shocked when it foretells doom. For the newlyweds, this was supposed to be a time of joy and celebration.…

Cover of Tangles and Treason Audiobook by Nancy Warren

Tangles and Treason (Prequel) Audiobook

Nancy Warren presents a prequel to the Vampire Knitting Club series. Get the audiobook Amazon

Vampire Knitting Club Audiobook by Nancy Warren

The Vampire Knitting Club (Book 1) Audiobook

At a crossroads between a cringe-worthy past (Todd the Toad) and an uncertain future (she's not exactly homeless, but it's close), Lucy Swift travels to Oxford to visit her grandmother. With Gran's undying love to count on and Cardinal Woolsey's,…

Stitches and Witches Audiobook by Nancy Warren

Stitches and Witches (Book 2) Audiobook

Elderflower Tea Shop is next door to Cardinal Woolsey's, the yarn shop Lucy runs and home to the late-night Vampire Knitting Club. The tea shop owners are a pair of octogenarian spinsters and old family friends, so Lucy wants to…

Crochet and Cauldrons Audiobook by Nancy Warren

Crochet and Cauldrons (Book 3) Audiobook

My Grandmother, Agnes Bartlett, used to own Cardinal Woolsey's knitting shop then died and left her shop to me, without informing me that she wasn't actually dead. She's a vampire and part of the world's strangest craft circle-the Vampire Knitting…

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