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The Vampire Book Club Series

The Vampire Book Club audio book cover

I was a divorced, middle-aged witch banished to Ireland. 

My life could be summed up in a limerick....

  • There once was a misguided witch 
  • Who tried a man’s fate to switch 
  • Her punishment set 
  • To Ireland she must get 
  • But better than feathers and pitch!  

With a name like Quinn Calahan, I sounded as Irish as a leprechaun dancing a jig on a four leafed clover, but the truth was, I’d never been closer to the emerald isle than drinking green beer at the St Patrick’s day street party in Boston until I messed up so badly I had to leave the US. I was offered a job in a tiny village in Ireland that no one’s ever heard of. And I think that was the point in sending me there. How much trouble could a divorced, middle-aged witch get into in a village that boasted very few residents, one crumbling castle that attracted no tourists, and a post office that was only open Mondays and Thursdays? 

You’d be surprised. 

You will fall in love with this series about second chances, magical mayhem, and book club unlike any other. From the author of the best-selling Vampire Knitting Club series.

Chapter and Curse Audio Book Cover

A quiet Irish village? Not so much!

An ancient curse seems to be causing bad luck in the charming village of Ballydehag, Ireland - witch Quinn Callahan’s new home. When someone is murdered, is it the curse? Or, is there a very human murderer on the loose?

Moving to a small Irish village was supposed to keep the middle-aged witch out of trouble. Yeah, that didn't happen. Quinn and her bookish vampires must find the real killer and end the curse before someone else dies.

If you like quirky characters, mystery, humor and a touch of romance, don't miss this second installment in the Vampire Book Club series from the best-selling author of The Vampire Knitting Club. Each book is a complete story that can be listened to on its own.

A Spelling Mistake Audiobook Cover by Nancy Warren

Spell in haste, repent at leisure....

Middle-aged witch Quinn Callahan agrees to hold a book launch for the best-selling but recently dead author Bartholomew Branson. It's a small favor for the new vampire. Unfortunately, things get out of hand when the author arranges a huge launch party and someone dies.  

Spells are going wrong, the book contains a dreadful mistake, and the town of Ballydehag, Ireland is once again in turmoil. 

This is the third novel in the Vampire Book Club series of paranormal women's fiction cozy mysteries from a USA Today best-selling author. 

A Spelling Mistake is book three in the Vampire Book Club series of cozy paranormal mysteries. Each can be listened to alone and there is no bad language or gore. There is humor, murder solving and a touch of romance from the best-selling author of the Vampire Knitting Club series.

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