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The British Are Coming: Arthur

How could she fall in love with a villain? Meg Stanton is a successful thriller writer with a bad case of writer's block. She's come to the tiny town of Ponsford in England looking for a quiet place to write. When she meets Arthur Denby, the owner of the local pub, she takes one look at him and realizes she's found the villain for her next book. He's got that dangerous look combined with enough charm to be deadly. Trouble is, Meg always falls in love with her fictional villains.

The minute Arthur sees the newest tenant of Stag Cottage he senses a connection. Meg's smart, good looking and the most interesting woman to wander into his pub in some time. Trouble is, she's so busy working, he barely sees her, until one night she's so frightened by the creation of her own imagination that she calls him for company. He's quick to oblige. But what happens when the serial killer thriller begins to turn into a romance? Can this story be saved? This is the second novella in The British Are Coming.

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