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My newest release is Courting Chloe, a standalone book in my UK-themed series The British Are Coming. It's currently rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon:

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When a spoiled Londoner moves to Texas for a fresh start, she winds up with a very interesting landlord and neighbor: Matthew Tanner—ex-cop, handyman, and all-round gorgeous tough guy. Chloe’s in for some surprises in this romantic comedy, and so is Texas.

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Try my Changing Gears novel, Crazy Ride, a fast-paced romance to get your blood boiling. 317 pages and 4.7 out of 5 Amazon stars.

When Joe arrives at the Shady Lady B&B in rural Idaho he's a stressed-out workaholic. When he leaves, he's something else altogether. This sexy small-town contemporary romance is a story where opposites attract and friends become lovers.

Fans of contemporary romance will LOVE this madcap romantic comedy where it's never too late for old love, or too fast for new love.

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I also have 10 audiobooks available on! Perfect for a long drive, bus trip, plain journey, train adventure, or just laying back and resting your eyes with a box of goodies and a glass of wine by your side... Try a sample for free!


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