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On Books

I recently realized that I’ll never live long enough to read all the books I own. These are what I like to call ‘real’ books. The ones with actual paper and ink that come from trees and live in book shelves. But have you noticed what happens when you get a Kindle or Kobo or iPad or whatever electronic reading device you choose?

Have you noticed that the number of books you own explodes? Why is that? Is it the number of free and inexpensive titles you can download while sitting in your pajamas? Frankly, I have bought books for ninety nine cents that I wouldn’t have paid ninety-nine cents for in a bookstore if it was a hardcover that was marked down from forty bucks. But because it was on Kindle and I could have it at the push of a button, click, whoosh. There it is. Another tiny icon asking me to commit more of my precious time.

I think I need to cull my cyber shelves…

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2 comments on “On Books”

  1. I have read comments about how authors make very little, if any, on the free or 99cent books. I have found I get one of those books and become addicted to that author's writing. I then find myself collecting all their books and as a result of an inexpensive book, I have bought a hundred books by those authors.

    1. Kay, you're exactly right. It's why we make books free and 99 cents. No. We don't make much, or anything, on those, but then the reader isn't taking much of a chance on a new author. The goal for me is always to find a reader who loves my books and wants to read them all. Thanks so much for writing. Best, Nancy

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