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Nancy's Fall Message

Wow. September is here, kids are going back to school, leaves are falling off trees. For me, September always feels like it's time to sharpen pencils and buy new jeans. I did, in fact, buy new jeans yesterday, my subconscious back to school wardrobe. I've got lots of exciting news. First, I'm thrilled to be a finalist in the Kindle Book Review 2013 Indie Book Awards for The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home. If you're looking for a fun, fairly short read, it's getting great reviews. Dawn at KBR was one of the early and strongest supporters of this story. Thanks, Dawn! Second, I'm thrilled (wow, I really need to think up more superlatives, enough already with the thrilled.) Okay, I'm delighted that I will be writing a Cosmo Red Hot Read through their partnership with Harlequin. My story comes out in February and is, of course, a Valentine's fantasy. Complete with chocolate, I'll say no more 😉 Details closer to the time.

Happy September!

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One comment on “Nancy's Fall Message”

  1. We're soooo not P/R;
    yet we so invite YOU
    to follow us Upstairs
    away from this feeble,
    fallible, finite façade:

    Yes, dear, we can and! will live
    oemnillions of years Upstairs
    RITEn our effusive epiphany -
    with full-throttle-VitSee:
    on our literal .44-
    caliber, BOMB!astic,
    psycho? blogOrammma!!!
    Whoa, Nelly! Easy, girl!!

    Nope! NoTimeToWaste,
    miss HokeyPokey,
    miss dizzyNdirge!!
    Ma§terpeace in
    goofy, exquisite

    Meet me in the Great Beyond, girl!
    Let's write4eternity in d'B.O.M.M.
    (BigOlMajesticMansion) and other
    priceless, explosive exponentials.
    ● ●
    -the sub/dude

    Wanna? Gonna??
    Lemme Cya soon!
    Wanna summorra
    this full-size,
    C'mon, gorgeous!!
    God blessa youse!!
    (skuze d'New Joisey axent)
    -Msr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, esq.

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