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FREE book (with dog!)

So, I'm not really going to send you a dog by email. Seems to me that would be taking spam to a whole new level. No pooch spam from me, just a fun, sexy romantic comedy that is FREE until May 17 only.

It's called Rich Bitch and is, of course, about a dog. Spoiled multi-milionnaire Mimi is a toy poodle who only understands French, or pretends to. When Vince Grange, a hard-nosed labor negotiator in New York, whose nickname is Bulldog, inherits Mimi with her painted toenails and her Cartier diamond collar, he knows he needs help. Enter Sophie Veneau, a gorgeous French nanny who Vince hires to look after Mimi. But trouble seems to be following Sophie.

This is a story about opposites attracting, about the strange paths in life that lead us to exactly the right place. About a spoiled poodle and a homeless mutt, a big, tough New Yorker and the delicate Parisienne who's a lot stronger than she seems. I hope you'll check it out. Grab one for yourself and think about gifting one to a friend.

Happy Reading, Nancy

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6 comments on “FREE book (with dog!)”

  1. I've read all four books about the Chance family and they are absolute "THE BEST"!!!. I'm hoping you are going to write about the rest of the siblings in the family. Will next be reading the A Changing Gears books as they look so wonderful; after that probably all the rest of what you have written. I love to read and it is so great to find authors who make you feel all kinds of emotions and want to read, read, read to get to the end of the book. Keep up the wonderful writing. Marlene

  2. Hello Nancy,
    Just finished Frosted Shadow....Loved it!!! I love it when I am reading a book and the descriptions are so perfect that you just break to laughing your head off...!!!! Great book, just found you, so I will be getting some of your other books.
    Keep up your excellent work.
    Thank you it really made my day.

  3. I just finished reading Frosted Shadow. Kept me guessing til end with twists and turns. Left alot of the characters in limbo. Ms Warren are you going to have a sequel to it? There is alot of storylines to expand on or wrap up.....
    thank you

    1. Sure am! They're out now if you didn't find them 🙂 Join my mailing list and like my Facebook page to find out about the next ones!

  4. I'm so sorry I missed your special, Rich Bitch. I just discovered your books. I'm enjoying Frosted Shadow right now.

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