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Embarrassing Moment becomes Valentine Fantasy

Her Valentine Fantasy

Have you ever had an embarrassing experience in front of a hot guy? Of course you have! Please don't tell me these things only happen to me. It was in Atlanta last summer during the RWA conference. I was having dinner with my friend Dani Collins, a Harlequin Presents author and all around sweetheart, and we were so busy chatting that I accidentally slipped my hotel room key card into the bill folder instead of my credit card. The hot waiter came back and showed me my mistake. Embarrassing! We all laughed about it but I had a cringe moment. Did he think I was inviting him up to my room? After he left, Dani said, "That would make a great opening for a story."

I had to agree. Luckily, I'd just been talking to my editor, Birgit Davis-Todd, about writing a novel for the Cosmo Red Hot Reads. I had my opening. Then I added chocolate, set the story around Valentine's Day and everything fell into place.

Which only goes to show that even those embarrassing moments sometimes turn out to be great opportunities!

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One comment on “Embarrassing Moment becomes Valentine Fantasy”

  1. I want more! The characters have so much potential. I was shocked when I got to the end I kept checking to make sure I wasn't missing any pages!!!!

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