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Crazy Ride: A Changing Gears Novel

Who's really crazy? Joe Montcrief is a hard driving workaholic corporate shark who rarely sees the light of day between the Manhattan highrises where he lives to work. When he arrives in the small town of Beaverton, Idaho with takeovers and profit in mind, he discovers the townspeople are eccentric to say the least and more interested in their slow pace of life than money. Sexy, gorgeous Emily Sargent runs the Shady Lady B&B, a former brothel where he's forced to stay as it's the only accommodation in town. The Shady Lady is so antiquated the only place he can get decent cell reception is in the middle of Emily's rose garden. Still, he manages to keep his mind on work except when Emily's around and he notices that this rose-growing, cookie baking, small-town girl has something about her that turns him inside out.

Emily has always been level headed. In a town founded on sex and freedom, she's a little blase about the whole messy attraction thing. But then she's never met anyone like Joe. When he's around she feels like giving in to a little of the madness that's in the air. Besides, she has to save her hometown and if the only way to do that is to seduce Joe, well, she'll do her civic duty.

The town was founded by the late Dr. Emmet Beaver, a man who believed in clean water, fresh air and doing what comes naturally. Joe's clients will pay handsomely for the mineral rights under the ground of Beaverton but the people of Beaverton have other ideas.

Joe's hobby is motorcycles and while he's in Beaverton he's planning to check out the world famous Changing Gears bike store where they've got a certain Ducati he's had his eye on. When the eccentric, elf-like owner of Changing Gears arrives in town with the bike, Joe discovers Emily is also an m/c enthusiast. As they hit the road together, they discover that the twists and turns of a country road are a lot like the bumpy ride to love.

This small town, sexy contemporary romance, is a story where opposites attract and friends become lovers. Where it's never too late for old love or too fast for new love. In Beaverton, nothing is ever quite what it seems. And the citizens wouldn't have it any other way.

Fans of Kristen Higgins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Barbara Freethy and Susan Mallery will enjoy this madcap romantic comedy that Lori Foster calls ‘sexy and wonderfully witty.'

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