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Nancy is happy to autograph books (she has printed bookplates for that very purpose) or send bookmarks. She also likes to hear raves, compliments, cyber champagne and questions. If you like one of Nancy's books and blog about it, or you post a review, use the form below to let Nancy know.

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    42 comments on “Contact Me”

    1. Nancy -

      I was just compiling a list for friends of romance fiction with dogs - and, of course, I included The Fourteen Million Dollar Poodle. I wish this novella was available for Kindle, so I could gift it to friends. I just joined your mailing list and can't wait to read more of your work!

    2. I just signed in for your free book. Thank you. However the reason I am on your website it to let you know that After Shocks isn't on Goodreads. Since I read a lot I keep track of the books with Goodreads. I just picked up my first book from you and tried to log it into goodreads. I may be that you don't use Goodreads but if you do you might want to put After Shocks in it.

    3. Comment on: #MyFakeFiancée (2011)
      I enjoyed the conflict and the sizzling sex.
      I loved the self styled, independent and chic #ChelseaHammond
      Her cooking delights had my tongue watering. Makes me wanna go start some cooking classesâ˜ș
      #DavidWoolfe didn't do it for me. I prefer the self made Alpha Male arrogant hunks.

      Much love

    4. Hi Nancy,
      Wondering if you would be interested in visiting and talking with my writing class. They are in the process of writing a romance novel. There are 10 students in the class.

      Thank you!

    5. Love the Almost Wives Club books!!! On number 4....

      Will definitely check out your other books.
      I signed up f o r your newsletter, but how do I get the free e book, in my
      email box?

    6. Nancy, I just this minute finished the NetGalley ARC of "Kate"....I haven't even started writing the review yet. I just signed up for the newsletter. What a fun book!

    7. purchased Kiss a girl in the rain through amazon, some pages have been left out. such as evans life list is not complete, the page after he speaks of his mom sending the list with the card she made. and that is just in the first few pages. please help.

      1. Hi Fran, so sorry you had that experience. Did you manage to figure out the problem? Kiss a Girl in the Rain is free on Amazon right now, why don't you try downloading it again. Are you reading it on a Kindle device?

    8. I received a copy of The Almost Wives Club through net galley it is the first book of yours I have read I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be posting a review on Goodreads and Amazon!

    9. Hi Nancy, I just read the first three Take A Chance books and loved them. I would like to know when the next book(s) will be coming out? Actually I'm looking forward to reading the next eight books. What a cool family! So far my favorite has been Evan although Iris and Prescott weren't too shoddy. Thanks for this great story line.
      Sincerely, Michelle

      1. Thanks so much Michelle, the answer to that question is in the newsletter I'm sending out today! Why don't you sign up at

        ((PS the answer is early April))

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