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Bridesmaid for Hire (The Almost Wives Club Book 3)

Always a Bridesmaid…

Tasmine Ford is such a perfect bridesmaid, she’s made a side business out of it. But, when a gorgeous designer wedding gown is handed to her, after the bride who is supposed to wear it climbs out the window on her wedding day, she starts to wonder, will she always be a bridesmaid and never a bride? It’s not that she doesn’t know exactly who she wants to marry. But Eric Van Hoffendam wants to cry on her shoulder not ask for her hand in marriage.

Now that the jilted groom is free, she begins to wonder if maybe their friendship could turn into something more, when she discovers exactly why he got jilted. Can she reform this bad boy into the amazing man she knows he could be?

Five brides, one (possibly cursed) designer wedding gown. Will any of these brides actually walk down the aisle in the fabulous dress? Follow five runaway brides in this romantic comedy series as they find love in the most unexpected places.

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