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A Romance in Four Seasons: A feel-good contemporary love story

"A heart-warming love story"

When Erin Nash hears a baby crying outside her door on a cold December night, the baby she discovers is a lost puppy with a red, and very wet and dirty, Christmas bow still hanging around its neck. When she attempts to unite the dog with his owner, she meets Jared, a widower, trying to raise a five-year-old daughter alone. Jared begins to rethink the wisdom of getting his daughter a puppy for Christmas. She’s already lost her mother. What if she lost the puppy as well? As Erin and Jared get to know each other, one small border collie with a big personality—and no name—begins to unite two hurting people through four seasons.

Author’s guarantee: No dogs were harmed in the telling of this story. You will not fall in love with the dog only to find yourself sobbing over his little grave at the end. I promise!

This novel combines the novellas: A Border Collie Christmas, A Dog Named Cupid, A Midsummer Night’s Wedding, and A Recipe for Thanksgiving.

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